Digital Signage Simplified

Our system is as simple as this!

Plug our pocket-size player to your screen.

Designate content in our dashboard.

Enjoy the results.

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Why Mercdigit?

Free templates

400+ Free Templates to choose from any industry, to create your own signage as easy as 1..2..3. We have anything from menu boards, promotions, company information, healthcare etc…

Free Widgets

Free Widgets to choose from directly through our platform. Anything from News, Weather, Powerbi, Tableau, Asana, Trello, Google Workspace, Customizables, you name it we have it available for you.

Digital Signage Simplified | Mercdigit

Remote Screen Management

Manage multiple screens remotely through the cloud seamlessly, make changes in real time, assign user roles, security features, edit content, among other things. Our platform is all about giving the user the control for management of screens at all times.

Free Remote Support

In a competitive, result-driven climate, our goal is to provide our clients with nothing short of an excellent and comprehensive customer support. We are obsessed with providing quick, effective and human support for all of our clients, regardless of plan status.

Digital Signage Simplified | Mercdigit
Digital Signage Simplified | Mercdigit

Ease of use

We pride ourselves with providing top-notch easy to use software for our customers, get started in minutes and navigate through our platform with ease. Our platform is very user friendly and we are sure you’ll be more than confident while using it.

Security Features

Find yourself having to juggle too much to protect your platform from unauthorized changes ? Do you have the right tools to protect yourself against such things ? Our software is packed with security features for your business/organization that can resolve these conflicts, let us help you achieve your desired security abilities.

Digital Signage Simplified | Mercdigit

Our Features

Supports HD & 4K

Display HD and 4K content on compatible displays.

Cloud Based

100% cloud-based system so you can have control anywhere and anytime.

Pre-configured player

Pre-configured player so you can feel at ease for your setup and don’t have to worry about anything technical at all, simply plug-and-play.

Works offline

Play your media even while offline thanks to our powerful cloud-based system.

Unlimited Users

Get unlimited users for every plan and let your team have control of your signage.

Security Features

Security features to protect your business with the highest standards of the industry.


Our software can be loaded up on any RasberryPi, BrightSign player or the web browser.


Aside from having pre-designed templates you can also have 100% control over them because of our customization feature.


Unbeatable pricing, we offer the best service for your buck. 24/7 support in ex-change for a very affordable plan.


Tired of having to constantly change content? say good-bye to that and schedule your media to automate your signage using our powerful software.

How can Digital Signage help me ?

Boost sales

By using digital signage, businesses like yours can boost revenue by up to 30%. Create that customer engagement you need with us. It’s proven that delivering and communicating messages visually improve the experience of customers, wether is a menu board, way-finding, promotions, events. We provide the tools for you to execute what you need.

Effective marketing/attraction

Digital signage is 400% more effective than 
conventional media displays and more appealing to the eyes of your customers and teams. Deliver content to your customers/teams today and let Digital Signage do the heavy lifting to improve your visual engagement. Create optimal engagement today !

Ease of changing content

Our Digital Signage platform allows you 
to have the smoothest user experience you can imagine. We made sure every detail of our dashboard is easy to understand and in a way pretty much self-explanatory.

Create customer loyalty

It’s always important to have a customer base that prefers you over others, people will always remember how you make them feel so make sure you provide a space where as soon as they walk through the door you offer what they want. Let Digital Signage establish customer loyalty relationships for you.


Make a difference and look different. Customers will always remember how you make them feel once they walk through your doors, let our digital signage help you establish the first impressions that will for sure make your business standout from the rest.

Create confidence

Deliver confidence to your teams/customers by letting them know you have a solid system to communicate through in real time, show how you truly care about how you conduct business and communicate your product with our digital signage.

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